We love online dating, but there are still some drawbacks.

We all dream of a perfect love story. That is what we want to pursue. Today we take matters into our own hands and set off to discover the world. After all, our soulmate has to be out there somewhere, right? Probably on that dating app. In our generation, online dating is something no one is surprised about anymore. In fact, we love it. Apps like Tinder or Happn are on almost every mobile phone. It is exciting and, of course, nobody finds the attention it attracts annoying. Sometimes it can even be addictive. Browse the erotic ads of horny sluts near you.

But without realising it, did you know that your favourite pastime also has disadvantages?

Insecurity is around the corner

When setting up your Tinder profile, you add your best photos and swipe right one at a time. In the process, you realise that you do not have as many matches as you thought. This can make you doubt yourself. How attractive am I really? Have I added the right pictures? Then you may get upset about things you would not normally worry about.

Getting to know each other better

In real life, we can easily have deep conversations, as long as there is a click. We hear each other's voices, see each other's faces and enjoy each other's presence. It is therefore difficult to replicate this situation in an online conversation. That is why we sometimes take a message the wrong way or fail to reach the most intimate part of a person. Because you have not yet met in real life, it can sometimes seem as if you are still strangers to each other. This often leads people to keep their true feelings or thoughts to themselves. This makes it much more difficult to really get to know someone.

It is easy to lie

It is very easy for people on the Internet to go the extra mile. Thus, lying about one's job or education is a normal occurrence. Photos can make things look different than they really are, or you might find that they are not as interested in your relationship as you are. All these things can happen when you are so serious. Many people do online dating to experience something, as a kind of solution to their boredom. It is therefore difficult to decide who is worth your time and energy.

In daily life

When you talk to someone online, it is easy to get an idea of the person. You see a picture and form an image of what he/she will be like based on that. Sometimes this can be very different from the truth. You do not see how a person walks, whether he/she is kind to those around him/her or how he/she speaks. These things can be very important when falling in love with someone. That is why it is sometimes difficult to get over it if they deviate from your idea.

Become demanding

When you go through hundreds of people, you become more and more careful about certain things. Would he be suitable for me? Is it really my type? Those shoes are not for me. So the thoughts that float around as you run your finger go from hot to cold. During this activity, then, you may become more and more demanding. Eventually you may choose someone solely on the basis of their appearance, which you would not tend to do in everyday life. This can make it difficult to choose someone you would not normally choose, but who can sometimes work wonders and who happens to be your soul mate.