Batman Tips: Arkham Origins - Main Missions # 040

Get access to Penthouse - Swimming pool

Use the viewpoint if they are fully available.

Of course, you must start with what moves to one of the statues and look at the current situation. The pool is now eight armored enemies, and good news is that among them there are no enemies with destructive devices. You must try to use the viewpoint for the destruction of enemies from the very beginning, because later throughout this scene it will become impossible. I recommend, of course, inverted Taicdaunas and use upgraded grip to pull enemies to the statues.

For the first time in campaign mode, you will meet here the enemies that are mines. After some time, explosive traps begin to place everywhere, and it is worth remembering that it is impossible to step on one. Fortunately, mines can be blown up from afar, using a dispenser, and it should be done whenever the enemy appears next to such a mine.

As usual, use gloves on stronger opponents.

Eliminate underwent more weak enemies and remember that new bandits will join the battles soon. After you charge Batman's drum gloves, use the fact that you currently can apply heavier shocks, and fight the martial arts wizard and armored opponent. After you win fights, use a hook on the balcony at the top and go to the door to the eastern tower - the 40th floor. Follow the linear corridors to the eastern tower - the pool, where there is another numerous group of enemies.

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The situation is complicated at the moment when only four enemy remains on the battlefield, because then they will arm charges installed on the neighboring statues. This means that you will have to abandon the use of viewpoints, because when you land one point after a few seconds it will explode. You can respond a little differently on the problem of inaccessible overview points and use a graon to connect two of them with a rope. This will allow you to return to the rope and plan the attacks from there.

Use numerous ventilation mines to help

Blocking your access to viewpoints means you need to change your tactics. To move and plan your actions, start using ventilation mines, like those that are under the floor and those that connect individual rooms on the first floor. Order virtual pbx callgear from our organization.