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If you don't know yet what is proxy, continue reading. If you know already what it is and what it's needed for and search for the best proxy provider on the net, jump straight to the last paragraph.

What is proxy?

Each device that is used to access the World Wide Web must have a unique IP address of the established format. This standardized digital marking allows to determine the region where the user is located, his provider, as well as to identify the entry device itself.

Features of work through a proxy

To understand what proxy servers are used for, you need to remember that they are also assigned specific IP addresses. When a user device connects through a proxy, requests are sent to external resources from the address of the intermediary server. This allows users to hide their true network address, and hence anonymity.

Knowing what is a proxy server, it is worth figuring out how to connect to it. The easiest way is to change the network connection settings in your browser. To do this, you must first obtain the address of a free or paid proxy. After that, all requests will be transmitted and received through a third-party server. There are also special programs that allow you to select different proxy servers and connect to them without changing the browser settings.

Where can I find a proxy server?

You can find Proxy servers on specialized webpages.

  1. On special sites. In this case, you can use it for free, for example on the website www.aliveproxy.comexternal link.
  2. Through special programs that find proxies through their search, the easiest to use is Hide IP Platinum or ProxySwitcher Standard
  3. Buy on specialized sites. The resource www.proxy-, an external link, has proven itself well. One of the advantages of a paid proxy is its stable operation, competent and timely technical support.

Based on the functions performed, proxies are divided into:

  1. HTTP, HTTPS — is a universal proxy. The protocol allows you to download any files, view web pages, and work correctly with programs.
  2. Socks - allows you to work with information of any type, works like HTTPS, but with a more significant level of encryption. Requires the installation of a special program in the browser.
  3. CGI - works through a browser. This type of proxy is called an "anonymizer".
  4. FTP - suitable for corporate clients, designed to exchange information between a local computer and a web server, providing protection from external threats.

Where to get a proxy server?

You can find a free and paid proxy servers. The difference between them is that the paid one has permanent online support and stable connection, while the free ones have non of this.

Among many paid providers, check out the ProxyLine. The platform has flexible prices and various packages that you can use and get all the advantages the proxy server can provide. The customer support is available 24/7 and will answer all you inquiries in short terms.