How to use speech recognition on Windows 10?

The software for speech recognition in Windows 10 is named Cortana that has been developed by Microsoft for the particular device. You can use it or other speech recognition softwares for other personal or business usage. In this article we shall guide you through it.

Activate your Microphone

The first step to using speech recognition is ensuring that a microphone has been activated on your device. If a microphone has not been set up or enabled, the device will not pick up your voice and you would not be able to use speech recognition. In fact, you may not be able to use your device for any communication too.

Most PCs have a mic set up by default. If it is not set up in your PC/laptop:

  • Go to search and type Control Panel
  • Once you have entered the Control Panel, click on “Ease of Access”.
  • You can set up a microphone on the second option.
  • Start Speech Recognition

    Once you have ensured that your microphone is set up, the very option in “Ease of Access” has another sub-option of “Start Speech Recognition”. You should click on it.

    It is recommended that you use a good microphone, most preferably of your headphone, because through that the speech recognition software will best record your frequency and voice quality. Using a distorted device may lead to inaccurate speech recognition. Check how to improve the accuracy of speech-to-text technology in this article:

    Setup Wizard

    Through a setup wizard, the device will recognize your voice, and then you will be able to use it for different tasks once your voice has been recognized.

    You will have to press next within the Wizard until you are at the option where you have to read a text. Keep the mic an inch away from your mouth and do not breathe in it. Read the text clearly.

    Next, you will come across an option regarding “document view”. It is recommended that you allow it. Your speech recognition assistant will view your emails and under documents to collect vocabulary, which will make the speech recognition service even better.

    Moving on, you will have to choose between 2 options:

    Finally, all you have to do is to determine if you want to activate Cortana on startup or not.

    Speech Recognition Training

    Your device may also provide you with an option to train Cortana. You will have to read things to it in order to enhance its recognition capabilities.

    Advanced Speech Options

    You can go to “Advanced Speech Options” in ease of access in order to customize the software’s voice settings, its speed, voice gender, etc.

    Final Thoughts

    Once the speech recognition has been finalized, you can make Cortana do literally anything, like opening up menus and files, or even writing your documents or emails.